Portable Electrostatic Spray Gun

Portable Electrostatic Spray Gun
Product Name : Portable Electrostatic Spray Gun
Product Model : EG-120

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    Product Character

    1. Light weight,easy operation,high safety,long durability,paint saving,Suitabel or all kinds of painting conductive workpieces.
    2. Can be more properly adjusted current as per different electric conduction of paint.
    3. High voltage output design is greater to adjusting range and wider utilization than other brands.
    4. Sector nozzle or metal round nozzle is available to suit any requir
    5. There are two audio alarm output, can predict spray situations, to avoid abnormal use.
    6. H.V electrostatic is designed to power the gun, electrostatic cabinet becomes more lightweight, mini.



              EG-120 Gun

    Portable Air Electrostatic Spray Gun Specifications
    Max. used voltage 0-60 KV
    Max. spray flow 300 ml/min
    Used air pressure 85 %
    Gun length 220 mm
    Gun net weight 0.5 kg


             Electrostatic H.V

    Electrostatic H.V Specifications :
    Voltage used AC 90-240 V
    Non-load voltage DC-70 KV
    Rated output DC-60 KV/ 50 µA
    Output adjustment 0-60 KV Non-step adjustment
    Way of output Air pressure control switch
    Trip time or over-current 1/100sec.Discharge time≦3sec
    Power consumption ≦ 250 W
    Min. stating air pressure 2.5 kg /cm ²
    Size L190×W105×H210mm
    Net weight 5.5 kg


                     A-TYPE                            M-TYPE                           S-TYPE                            SN-TYPE

    Nozzle type A-TYPE Round nozzle M-Type Round Nozzle S-Type Round Nozzle SN-Type Sector Nozzle
    Features & Used Uses in clear paint with good atomizing result. Used in the powder, Like the color power Or silver powder. Used in small work- piece and clear paint Used in the big area spray, like the tabletop
    Air consumption(L/min) 180 L/min 180 L/min 135 L/min 350 L/min
    Spray flow(ml/min) 20-300 ml/min 20-300 ml/min 15-225 ml/min 50-300 ml/min
    Atomizing pressure 1.5-3.2 kg/cm² 1.5-3.2 kg/cm² 1.5-3.2 kg/cm² 2.5-4 kg/cm²
    Spray breadth(mm) Ø80~Ø160 300 mm Ø80~Ø160 300 mm Ø50~Ø120 300 mm 40-250 mm